German House


Through the generous support of the University of Virginia and the Max Kade Foundation in New York, the Department maintains a German House for undergraduate students. A native German graduate student and a UVa undergraduate oversee the house as resident staff. 

The German House has become the University’s center for German culture, and is an ideal meeting place for undergraduates, graduates and faculty of the department. It serves as a site for colloquia and discussion groups. Besides bi-weekly screenings of German films, there are annual celebrations of typical German holidays and festivities such as Day of the German Reunion, Oktoberfest and Fasching. Furthermore, the residents organize hiking tours, concerts and poetry readings as well as their daily “Haus Dinners”. In addition, they host receptions to current German and European political and social events, so that faculty and students of all disciplines can experience them from a German perspective. For information regarding the German House, contact the departmental Office via phone at (434) 924-3530 or via email at

Come live at the Max Kade German House!

We are part of UVa‘s language house community and provide an authentic environment for undergraduate students to improve their German language skills. In the German House you will

  • Improve your German through daily practice
  • Meet other people and make new friends
  • Be involved in Oktoberfest, Karneval, Movie Nights, and many other events
  • Enjoy home-cooked meals
  • PLUS it looks great on your resume, and Lederhosen are not required!

Who can live at the German House?

Basically everyone can live at the German House whose German suffices for everyday life. This means, if you have finished two semesters of college German, the equivalent amount of high school German or if you come from a German-speaking home, you are qualified. You do not necessarily have to study in the German department or be a German major. The German House is looking for motivated students whose German is at least at the basic conversational level. Their German does by no means need to be perfect nor do they need to be German majors or minors. We currently have a mix of students at various levels, ranging from German 2010 to near-native fluency, studying a variety of different subjects.

How does one apply?

To apply for the German House, visit Housing at  Once you have completed this application, this is where you can submit the essay responses (when you list German House as a preference for next year).  The essay reponse can be found here German House Application , this must be filled out and attached with the Housing application.  For details on the application process please contact the resident language advisor or the German department.  The deadline for applications to the German House is November 15th.

The application consists of a questionnaire which includes a short essay in German (again, we’re not looking for perfect writing skills but for creative and motivated individuals) and a short informal interview with the German House RA and language advisor.  If you or your students have any questions about applying to live in the German House, please do not hesitate to contact Maxi Wagner (

For more information, see the German House website: