G-CAPE Frequently Asked Questions

Occasionally G-CAPE experiences technical difficulties. Please follow these steps to troubleshoot your technical problems. Please note that questions about your score or about the content of the test need to be directed to the German Language Program Director, Stefanie Parker (snp2j@virginia.edu).

  • What if my browser won't open G-CAPE?
    This means that there is something wrong with your browser software. For help with such problems, you can call the UVA Help Desk at 434-924-3731.
  • What if my browser will open, but I get an error message saying "Server Not Found" or "Page Not Found" when I try to click on the link for G-CAPE?
    This means that either the server, which is managed by Brigham Young University, is not working, or that you have a problem with your modem, wireless, or Internet connection. Double check that you have not gotten inadvertently logged off while working, and try to reconnect to G-CAPE. If this does not work, that means the server for F-CAPE is not working. Please send an email to the following address to let them know:Chuck_Bush@byu.edu. You will then have to wait until later to try again.
  • What if I can open the G-CAPE page, but it won't accept the user ID and password?
    Make sure that you don't have any spaces in both user ID and password and that capital and smaller case letters match what is given to you on the information sheet for how to log into G-CAPE.
  • What if these options don't work?
    You can email Stefanie Parker (snp2j@virginia.edu) with your problem and she will get back to you within 5 business days with an answer. In the meantime, it is strongly suggested that you continue to try to log onto G-CAPE, as we have found in the past that problems are usually temporary.
  • What if I have a problem interpreting my score or the language content in the test?
    Check the German Course Placement information below. If you cannot find an answer to your question regarding placement in German courses, please contact the Language Program Director in German, Stefanie Parker (snp2j@virginia.edu). Please indicate your test results in your message.