Why Study German?


  • A global language: There are over 100 million German speakers worldwide, and German is the second most important language for the European Union. [Click here to learn more about German as a world language.]
  • A rich intellectual and cultural history: Study influential works of literature, critical theory, history, philosophy, art, architecture, and film in the original language and context. [Click here to learn more about the contemporary German cultural scene.]
  • Increased employment opportunities: Germany is the third largest economy in the world and a leader in science and technology. Speaking German gives you an edge in international business. [Click here for more information about internships with German companies.]
  • Study and research opportunities: German, Austrian, and Swiss universities have top international reputations and offer international students many opportunities for both short- and longer term study visits. [Click here for more information about grants to study at German universities.]
  • Travel and live abroad: Speaking the language makes you an insider. [Click here to learn more about travelling and living in Germany.]
  • A useful major or minor: German was recently ranked one of the 10 most useful majors by Newsweek magazine. [Click here to learn more about German as a useful major.]